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This portal is for all things of interest in wrestling and to steer visitors to areas that may be of benefit in attaining their goals in amateur wrestling.

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To promote the 3 major wrestling disciplines practiced throughout the world, Scholastic, Freestyle and Greco-Roman. 

One of the goals in our By-Laws is our commitment to this by sponsoring local, state, and national wrestling tournaments, clinics, and exchanges for age group (i.e., 15 years and younger) and high school (19 and under) amateur wrestlers. These wrestling goals will afford amateur athletes, often those with limited or no means to advance their skills and to create interest and participate in competitions they may otherwise not be able attend. We all volunteer, and depend entirely on donations. We are a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization and our clinics are free.

Our Story! 

In a dual meet, wrestling is the only sport that does not give the competitors the score they earn. No other sport that I can think of does this. It’s not only unfair to the wrestlers, but confusing to the spectator and the new fan. Take the scoring in a dual meet, you beat your opponent 7-0 and they give you 3 points. Why does the sport take away 4 points that you worked hard for?  Look at it this way, you’re up 7-0, you pin your opponent and your awarded 6 points. You already had 7 points so they penalize you 1 point for winning. That’s absurd! The score should have been 13-0 (the 7 points you earned and the 6 points for the pin). How about this; By achieving a Technical Fall (getting ahead of your opponent by 15 points ends the match) wrestlers are penalized 10 points because remember they only get a credit of 5 team points. Or a Major Decision (winning the match by 8 - 14 points) you get 4 team points. It just doesn’t make sense. We are not sending the wrestlers or the fans the right message. Again, wrestling is the only sport that does this. In my opinion, it has never been a spectator sport.  Football is exciting because we want to see scoring. Basketball is exciting because we want to see scoring. Would there be an uproar if two time American League MVP, Mike Trout hit a bases-loaded home run, rounded the bases and was only award one run? You bet there would!

Our answer; take the best of all the wrestling disciplines, combine them, and come up with a fair scoring system. I brought my proposals to my son Bobby, Jr and Greg Martin.  Both former wrestlers who competed around the world for the United States Marine Corps.  Additionally, I contacted eight other former wrestlers and coaches who became our 11 Directors. We are a diverse group of individuals from five different states sharing a common goal; to help our youth. 

From that modest beginning came the idea for change. It rose from another proposed scoring system, * “A Point Scored is a Point Earned 11.12.15 wadeschalles.com.” This gives athletes all the points they earned and the one with the most points wins the match. It looked promising, but I thought it lacked one main component. It only gives the PINNER the customary 6 points for the FALL. This is some cases makes the PINNER the loser. e.g. if an athlete is winning 15-4 and gets pinned, the team score under this system is 15 points for the person who got pinned (loser) and 14 points (10+4) for the winner. That’s because it rewards all wrestlers, in all situations, by their points on the board. In effect, the looser gained more points than the “PINNER” and he’s the one declared the victor.

For 3 Tech that cannot be. The PIN is always the ultimate-goal in wrestling and the PINNER must be the victor. 

Our system solves the issue! Out of this challenge was born our Point Classification System. The solution; Competitors earn Classification Points combined with the: * “A Point Scored is a Point Earned” system. Wrestlers receive all points. e.g. takedowns, escapes, reversals, near falls, pins, throws, gut wrenches, etc. All accumulated and added to your score, with the most exciting outcome. The PIN being the most rewarded victory, as such, Pinner's will be awarded the customary 6 points for the Pin, all points scored against them, plus our 1 Bonus Point which is the key. e.g. if the score for Red is 4 and the score for Blue is 9, and Red pins Blue, then Reds final score is the customary 6 points for the Pin, the 4 that he scored prior to the Fall plus 1 bonus point above Blue’s 9. This gives Red a victory of 20-9.

If the score for Red is 9 and the score for Blue is 4 and Red pins then Red’s final score will be the customary 6-point fall, Blue’s 4 points, and the Bonus Point of 1 to give Red a victory of 11-4. All points (including the losers) are an aggregate toward to the championship. No one ever loses their points.

To top this off, and to match those who really dare to challenge, here is our twist; we combine the three disciplines, Scholastic, Freestyle, and Greco into one match. 

Each match is 6 ½ minutes in length and contains 3 Sets

First SetScholastic Wrestling.

The first set is Scholastic wrestling and is composed of three one minute periods to include the Standing, Top, and Bottom positions. After the first period, the official flips a coin and the winner will choose top or bottom. They then try for the remining two periods.

First Set complete, the Scholastic Official leaves the mat and is replaced by the Freestyle. Official. 

Second Set Freestyle.

The second set is Freestyle, and is 1 minute and 45 seconds in length. 

Second Set complete, the Greco official replaces the Freestyle Official. 

Third SetGreco-Roman.

The third set is Greco and is 1 minute and 45 seconds in length. 

Each Set is refereed by that disciplines specific official. 

Basically, two events terminate a match; the PIN or the end of the Third Set

Additionally, disciplines change for each succeeding bout. Consequently, all three styles will be wrestled, making 3 Tech Wrestling the most decisive of all wrestling. 

Why we combine the three disciplines: 

1. Scholastic: Scholastic wrestling lends the mental or physical training, the tradition and stability that we have come to know as “Real American Wrestling”.      

2.  Freestyle: Freestyle (aka, International or Olympic wrestling) lends us the use of flair and fast-paced wrestling. The no nonsense of wrestlers being passive. The excitement of high arching, high amplitude throws.

3. Greco-Roman: Greco (aka, International or Olympic wrestling) creates the balance between the other two disciplines. It stops those great low singles and those great double leg takedowns. This style forbids holds below the waist and forces wrestlers to think and use all the other upper body techniques learned in both Scholastic and Freestyle training. Greco is the major difference from Scholastic and Freestyle wrestling, It’s the balance for those who aren't afraid to get in your face, stand up and pummel for those upper body moves. Greco creates the parity for the other two disciplines.

We kept it all, combined each into one match, and made wrestling exciting again.

Bobby Malatesta, Sr. Founder 


*Notation: (credit “A Point Scored is a Point Earned.” 11.12.15 wadeschalles.com)