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Unique Wrestling Tournaments for High School and Age Group {15 and under} Students

Wrestling Classic to be held in Vineland, NJ 08360
at Vineland High School's 11 & 12 building
May 13, 2017 - 8:00 AM until finish

3 Tech Wrestling, Inc. is presenting the first multiple-stage (Invitational Only!) wrestling competition. Competitors will be challenged by competing in the three major wrestling disciplines practiced throughout the world; Scholastic, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman.

The twist; All three disciplines combined into One Match!
The Match Format: “Length of matches and times may change with weights and/or ages.” Each match contains 3 Sets. 

First Set – Scholastic Wrestling
The first set is Scholastic wrestling and is composed of 3 one minute periods to include the Standing, Top, and Bottom/par terre positions.

Second Set – Freestyle
The second set is Freestyle wrestling and is 1 minute and 45 seconds in length.

Third Set – Greco-Roman
The third set is Greco-Roman wrestling and is also 1 minute and 45 seconds in length.

Note: The sequence of the disciplines change with each succeeding match so that all three disciplines are wrestled. All rules and scoring are a modification adapting to the uniqueness of 3 Tech Wrestling, Inc.

Age Groups: 15 years and younger

The Duals Format on May 13, 2017

Wrestlers will compete in three dual meets, wrestling all competitors. Every point earned will be a point scored. e.g., all takedowns, all reversals, all tilts, all throws, etc, points keep piling up and accumulating throughout, but no Major Decisions, However, there are Technical Falls (AKA the tech). Our tech is best of three sets. The technical fall wins only the set, as opposed to a pin, which ends the match entirely. The first tech in a set terminates the set If a wrestler wins two out of three sets in this way, he is then the winner of the match by technical superiority. The 3 Tech technical fall can be achieved in three ways:

• Creating an 8-point differential in any set.
• Executing two three-point throws, which either take the opponent from his feet to the danger position (his back), or are grand-amplitude throws which do not end in the danger position
• Executing one grand-amplitude throw ending in the danger position. A grand amplitude throw is one in which the opponent is taken from his feet to his back with his feet going directly above his head.
Basically; Three events terminate a match; the Tech Fall, the Pin, or the end of the Third Set. Disciplines change for each succeeding match. Consequently, all three styles will be wrestled.

This format encourages competitors to score, and use the technique they have worked on and not to be passive.
Come watch the excitement!

That was the plan, here  is what took place: 
Our 3 Tech experiment was a gratifying success. Saturday’s competitors made history. 

Team Scores:

  • Seagulls Wrestling Club 490
  • Sky Tech Wrestling Club 294
  • Delsea Jr. Wrestlers 200

Our hats off to Sky Tech & Delsea who knew they were going against the best of the best wrestling clubs around, the Seagulls. The Seagulls are the premier club in New Jersey and one of the best in the nation. To make it even more difficult for Delsea and Sky Tech, some wrestlers had other commitments such as Baseball which stopped them from attending. To make up for that, and give you a sense of how close the comradery is in the wrestling community, the Seagulls gave both teams Seagull Wrestlers to fill either their missing weight classes or have exhibition matches for their kids.

Rather than give you individual bout scores (which aren’t relevant in the overall picture)  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one wrestler who all the coaches, officials and 3 tech directors were impressed with and extremely proud of, Hunter Gandy.   Hunter outscored his opponents 53-5. More importantly his composure on the mat, his technique, perseverance and his   overall character trait as a gentleman, made him the recipient of the “Johnny Martin Memorial Award”. This award doesn’t necessarily go to the best wrestler, (however in this case it did) it could very well go to someone who didn’t win a match. The “Johnny Martin Memorial Award” goes to the individual who displays uncommon courage, belief, and perseverance in pursuit of their goals.

Keep an an eye of Hunter Gandy. From what I saw of him on Saturday, he will continue to impress and he will be one of our leaders of tomorrow.

For 3 Tech, our goal will continue to be; getting to as many wrestlers as we can through our free clinics and tournaments. In that way, we will be giving parents the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on whether their kids should be attending our tournaments. Up until this point, they had no way of knowing how 3 Tech could benefit their kids. 3 Tech Wrestling is committed to making these athletes well rounded wrestlers and leaders, not followers.

Bobby Malatesta, Sr., 3 Tech Founder

Single Leg

Open Tournaments

Everyone is welcome at our open tournaments. All you have to do is register and show up on the day. Entry fees may range from $25 to $75 per wrestler, depending on the venue. Competitors get the chance to enhance their skills and possibly even obtain scholarships from national coaches. Our tournaments feature wrestlers who compete at the local, national, and international level.